Friday, 21 December 2018

African Development Bank’s board approves $7.24 bn borrowing programme for 2019

The board of the African Development Bank has approved the institution’s 2019 borrowing programme to the tune of US$7.24 billion to be raised from the capital markets.

The African Development Bank accesses a wide array of capital markets. The majority of its borrowing is in US dollars and euros, as well as issuances in other public markets, such as Australian dollars and Pound sterling.

The bank maintains an active presence in the socially responsible investment arena and continues to be a regular issuer of Green and Social Bonds. These products serve to satisfy increasing demand for impact investment but also allow the bank to highlight its development mandate and promote sustainable and inclusive growth.

The institution has also used its “High 5” operational priorities as a platform to continue the issuance of theme bonds, including an inaugural Integrate Africa bond, a Feed Africa bond awarded Asia Pacific Deal of the Year by mtn-i, more than forty Improve the Quality of the Life for the People of Africa bonds, and two taps of its Light Up and Power Africa bond.

The bank is keen to innovate to diversify its product range and, as the financial markets continue to look to a future after Libor, was able to combine innovation with its social responsibility programme and issue the first ever Green SOFR-linked bond, in November.

The African Development Bank will continue to promote the development of African capital markets, with the issue of local currency denominated debt to facilitate the financing of its local currency operations, alongside other initiatives.

“We continue to raise our profile in the capital markets to provide cost-effective resources to finance projects and programmes on the African continent. We have a strong track record, a diversified funding profile, investors across the world and the benefits of a AAA rating to strongly support the African Development Bank mandate,” said Hassatou N’Sele, the bank’s Treasurer.

The African Development Bank is rated triple-A by all the major international rating agencies and enjoys several solid ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) ratings.

-Content supplied by the African Development Bank

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