What sets us apart

We want to raise the bar in the South African media industry. 

Our approach consists of three legs:

Communication that is relevant to our clients. We deliver tangible outcomes and give clients their money's worth. We don't just send out press releases for the sake of it. We work in a targeted manner so that your message reaches the right people – people who will pay attention and spread the word.

We want to tell stories in an innovative manner. Content must be thoughtful and thought-provoking. We want to create TV and online productions that make people sit up and take notice. We want to involve communities in telling their own stories.

Corporate culture. We want to build a business that is inclusive and engenders a sense of ownership among employees. We want employees to become partners in creating a common vision that is founded on building them and the community at large. We want to use our expertise to develop young talent, especially those from marginalised communities.

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