Why you should hire us

  • We know when it peaks... in other words, we know when most people are online, meaning we can maximise the number of people who view your content.
  • We know how to monitor your online audience in order to analyse which topics they are most interested in. This allows us to tailor content to ensure that we cater to their specific needs and interests.
  • We know how to craft content in order to make it appealing to an online audience.

  • Aside from our newsroom experience, we have also acted as media consultants for high-profile clients such as Wesgro and the president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce.
  • Our team has worked with major organisations in print, broadcast and online. During this time we have built up a solid base of contacts and knowledge that will be of great benefit to clients in need of media exposure.
  • TMTV has gained a profound understanding of how to engage media organisations and enhance stakeholder relations. We know what makes headlines and how to generate them. We know how to create a media buzz since we have wide-ranging experience of being on the receiving end of it.

  • We have worked with the top camera people in the industry. They are seasoned veterans whose work is highly respected and has been and featured in documentaries.
  • These individuals are capable of delivering work of the highest standard in a timely manner since they have operated under the toughest conditions, including conflicts in Africa and the Middle East.
  • We have access to some of the most creative and technically skilled editors in the media industry.

  • We produce content that is timely, well-crafted and relevant.
  • Our content is steeped in decades of experience, which enables us to produce intelligent, well-considered, authoritative work.
  • As with everything else, we believe that our client's success is linked to our own. We strive only to deliver work that contributes to our client's desired outcomes.

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