Friday, 20 October 2017

SABC strike on hold, possible irregularities investigated

​Organised Labour at the SABC met with the Acting GCEO, Nomsa Philiso on 19 October 2017.
It was a cordial meeting and Philiso briefed Labour on the current situation the SABC finds itself in. Some of the demands in our 13 October were met, and on others Philiso will give feedback at the latest Wednesday, 25 October 2017.
Philiso confirmed the following important issues:
  • SABC Employees WILL receive their 13th Cheques  in December. (This was negotiated by SABC Unions many years ago, and became part of terms and conditions of employment)
  • There are no retrenchments on the cards.
  • She will meet with the new Chairperson of the Board over the weekend and with the new Minister on Monday to discuss the salary increase demand, and will revert to us latest Wednesday.
  • The PSC (Public Service Commission) is already busy investigating the unprocedural appointments.  There are 33 action points to deal with. We requested to be observers in that process and see the terms of reference. We await feedback from Philiso.
  • The SIU has started with their investigations in respect of  criminal and financial issues.
  • Forensic audit is busy investigating the Protest Policy.
  • A monthly meeting with Labour and her office for at least the following six months will take place to exchange ideas and give feedback in respect of progress.
  • In respect of the merger between Henley & News, she will investigate why it has not completely happened.
  • In respect of the unprocedurally published shift roster for News Staff by a manager of a different department, she will revert in the next few days. She confirmed it is absolute nonsense that a manager’s contract will prevent him, if acting to compile and publish shift rosters as alleged by NEWS MANAGEMENT. In respect of the Acting Head of News, we questioned the secondment from Makatees from Cape Town. We pointed out, whilst the SABC is claiming to be insolvent, they spending money on travel and accommodation for Makatees, whilst the job can be done by people in Johannesburg. She undertook to investigate.
Feedback were given to members in K1 Auditorium, Johannesburg SABC and the Regions via rediffusion.
The Auditorium was packed and and number of members had to stand outside, as there was no space inside. Employees were  ready to go on strike, and the unanimous decision was if the SABC is going to persist with a zero percent increase by 25 October, they will proceed with a strike.
More updates will follow.
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